Three Sheets to the Wind with Jack Aubrey and Crew


The common trope of the drunken sailor is alive and well in our beloved series, both below decks and in the gunroom. Here is a list of many of the beverages mentioned in the series, along with ingredients, in case you’re feeling adventuresome (and thirsty) of an evening! Please drink responsibly, or find yourself called to the mast for a flogging.

admiral’s flip: a libation of brandy, champagne, sugar, and nutmeg.

bosun’s grog: also grog; a libation of one part rum to three parts water and sometimes lemon juice.

caudle: a libation with supposed medical properties; it is similar to eggnog and is made of wine, eggs, bread, sugar, and spices.

dog’s nose: a libation of porter, gin, brown sugar, and nutmeg.

flip: a libation of beer, rum, and sugar; it is heated with a red-hot iron.

four-water grog: a libation of one part rum to four parts water and sometimes lemon juice.

grog: also bosun’s grog; a libation of one part rum to three parts water and sometimes lemon juice.

ice, ices: a general name for an ice-cooled drink or ice cream.

lemon shrub: a libation made of rum, lemon zest, lemon juice, and sugar.

milk-punch: a libation of milk, brandy or bourbon, sugar, and sometimes vanilla and nutmeg.

mulled wine: a libation of warmed red wine, spices, and sometimes raisins.

mulled ale: a libation of warmed ale with spices and sugar.

negus: a libation of wine, water, sugar, lemon, and nutmeg.

posset: a libation of sweet, spiced, hot, and curdled milk with ale or beer; it is popular for alleged medical benefits.

raspberry shrub: a libation made of raspberries, sugar, water, and rum or brandy and sometimes vinegar.

sangria: a libation of wine, rum, lime juice, and fruit.

shrub: a libation of rum, sugar, and the juice of lemons, oranges, or other citrus fruits.

sillabub: a libation of hot and spiced milk with wine or rum.

sorbet: a libation of sweetened water, fruit juice or purée, and wine or liqueur.

toddy: [1] a libation of liquor, water (often hot), sugar, and sometimes spices; [2] a liqueur made by fermenting the sap of certain palms.

two-water grog: a libation of one part rum with two parts water and sometimes lemon juice.

And now, a glass of wine with you!

Courtesy of papi2papa via Reddit.

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