The Lost Paragraph From H.M.S. Surprise

*SPOILERS* Book editors are not infalliable, and occasionally mistakes are made. A rather large mistake occurred at Norton when they were arranging the publishing of book three of our beloved series, HMS Surprise. Apparently, they inadvertently removed an entire paragraph, and it has never been replaced. The following is meant to follow the fifth paragraph of Chapter 8:

Jack and Stourton had never met, but they knew one another by reputation. Stourton had expected a big, yellow-haired man (Captain Aubrey was known on the lower deck as Goldilocks, or as Lucky Jack Aubrey in the service generally), a fire-eater, a fighting captain; but he had not expected him to be quite so big, nor so forbidding. Stourton loved the service, but his quick glance at the Surprise’s perfect order on deck, and now his longer, more anxious inspection of the scarred leonine head the other side of the table – of the man who would have despotic power over his career and his happiness for the next year or so, made his heart sink. A year or so in a tartar’s ship, with no possibility of exchange in these waters nor of distinguishing himself. ‘Perhaps he is not as savage as he looks,’ he reflected, without conviction.

While the paragraph doesn’t contain anything of earthshaking importance, I always find it interesting to view Jack through the eyes of others. In cases such as this one, they see him so much differently from the way I do!

Courtesy of Bruce Trinque and The Gunroom.

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