Post Captain Discussion Questions Week 4

Actual footage of the APG forcing their friends to read the Aubreyad! For their own good (and the good of the service) of course.

Upon first starting this website I also started something I called The Aubreyad Press Gang to do a group read of the series. We got through the first and second novels before the project fell by the wayside, but the discussion questions remain. Perhaps someday the APG will set sail once more…


July 19, 2010 – July 25, 2010
  The Aubreyad Press Gang Epic Adventure Week Thirteen

1. Even though their countries are currently at peace, does it strike you as odd that Jack and Stephen visit Captain Christy-Palliere in France? What accounts for the friendship between them, Jack and the French captain in particular?

2. Jack tells Christy-Palliere (clearly believes himself) that the idea of Stephen as a spy is completely ludicrous, that he was looking for birds or something of that nature. Do you believe his visit to the hill was innocent?

3. Do you agree with Stephen’s comments to Dr. Ramis about why sailors are so unfit for life on land?

4. Two words: Bear Suit. Discuss.

5. Despite Jack’s behavior with Diana, Stephen goes to great lengths to keep him safe, first from arrest for debt and then by escaping to Spain with him. How does their friendship withstand Stephen’s feelings for Diana?

Questions by your captain.

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