Master and Commander Discussion Questions Ch. 6

Actual footage of the APG forcing their friends to read the Aubreyad! For their own good (and the good of the service) of course.

Upon first starting this website I also started something I called The Aubreyad Press Gang to do a group read of the series. We got through the first and second novels before the project fell by the wayside, but the discussion questions remain. Perhaps someday the APG will set sail once more…


May 3, 2010 – May 9, 2010
The Aubreyad Press Gang Epic Adventure Week Three

1. Stephen believes he himself, Jack and James Dillon are all at a point in their lives where “men strike their permanent characters”. Do you think such a point in time truly exists? If Stephen is correct, what might that mean for the future of these three characters?

2. In this chapter, Jack makes something of a cake of himself ashore (as he is wont to do). Why do you think he is so competent at sea and so incompetent on land? Do you find it realistic that someone might be so intelligent in one way and so stupid in others?

3. Is the case of Cheslin, who is starving himself to death over the disapprobation of the crew, applicable to anyone else on board? Who and why?

Questions by your captain.


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