Master and Commander Discussion Questions Ch. 3

Actual footage of the APG forcing their friends to read the Aubreyad! For their own good (and the good of the service) of course.

Upon first starting this website I also started something I called The Aubreyad Press Gang to do a group read of the series. We got through the first and second novels before the project fell by the wayside, but the discussion questions remain. Perhaps someday the APG will set sail once more…


April 26, 2010 – May 2, 2010
The Aubreyad Press Gang Epic Adventure Week Two

1. In Chapter 3, we finally get a bit better acquainted with Lieutenant James Dillon. What is his history with Dr. Maturin? What kind of man is he? What does his action with the Dart say about his character?
2. In this chapter, Jack makes many negative comments about Catholics. What does he have against them? What effect might his prejudices and comments have upon his command?
3. Now that the Sophie has finally got underway, have you noticed any changes in the narrative? How are Jack and Stephen different by sea than by land?

4. ‘…when you have been at sea as long as I have, Mr Marshall, you will know there is a great deal more than mere seamanship required of a captain. Any damned tarpaulin can manage a ship in a storm,’ he went on in a slighting voice, ‘and any housewife in breeches can keep the decks clean and the falls just so; but it needs a headpiece’ -tapping his own – ‘and true bottom and steadiness, as well as conduct, to be the captain of a man-o’-war: and these are qualities not to be found in every Johnny-come-lately – nor in every Jack-lie-by-the-wall, neither,’ he added, more or less to himself. ‘I don’t know, I’m sure.’

Does Jack have the necessary qualities to be the captain of a man-o’-war? Has he demonstrated them thus far?

Questions by your captain.

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