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The Books

Cover Art

Unless otherwise noted, all cover art is by Geoff Hunt and courtesy of Lawrence Edwards.

The History

Well Dressed Ladies

“It was a good dress, a light, flimsy version of the naval blue, with white about it – no black, no concessions to Mrs Williams, for it was understood that at a ball any woman was allowed to make the best of herself; but where taste, figure and carriage are equal, a woman who can spend fifty guineas on her dress will look better than one who can only spend ten pounds.” – A description of Diana Villers’ dress, Post Captain

Well Dressed Men Civilian Extant Garments

“Dr Maturin is waiting for you, Di,” said Cecilia. “He is walking his horse up and down in a fine new bottle-green coat with a black collar. And he has a new tie-wig. I suppose that is why he went up to London.” – Cecilia Williams to Diana Villers, Post Captain

Bonus! Out of Context Cuffs, Collars and Buttons from the V&A

All images and background information courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum unless otherwise noted.

The Movie

Production Stills

Behind The Scenes

A look at the making of what many have called the most historically accurate Napoleonic era movie ever filmed on land or sea. May God set a flower upon Peter Weir’s head!

Masochist Commander: On The Farce Side of the World

Scans from the March 2004 issue of MAD Magazine, featuring the nautical exploits of Captain Jock and Dr. Steepan!

Courtesy of

The Royal Navy

Royal Navy Uniforms in Caricatures and Paintings

Royal Navy Uniforms Extant Garments


Bonus! An in-depth look at the only surviving lieutenant’s uniform from the Napoleonic era (1812-25 regulation pattern), courtesy of the NMM and the 1805 Club.

All images courtesy of the National Maritime Museum unless otherwise noted.

Admiral Lord Nelson Extant Garments

All images courtesy of the National Maritime Museum unless otherwise noted.

The Secret Diary of a Midshipman

Courtesy of Joyful Molly.


WWI in Photos: War at Sea

Photos sourced and commentary by Alan Taylor, courtesy of The Atlantic.