(Delusional) Spanish Report of Victory at Trafalgar

Ensign of the San Ildefonso, captured at the Battle of Trafalgar and displayed at Nelson's funeral. Courtesy of the National Maritime Museum.

From the Gazeta de Madrid.

London, November 26th (1805) In society, at the theatre and places of entertainment, at balls, all the ladies in evening dress wear cypress in their head-dress in memory of Lord Nelson. The loss of Lord Nelson, however, is not the only loss that we have to deplore in the terrible battle which has taken place off Cadiz between our Fleet and that of the Combined Fleet. One may judge of these when one reads the following extract from the despatch that Admiral Collingwood has forwarded to the Admiralty:


Victory 100 Entirely dismasted in the act of breaking the line Admiral Nelson wounded; he died seven hours after the battle
Prince of Wales* 98 Sunk in the action
Britannia 98 Sunk in the action
Dreadnought 98 All the hull riddled with cannon shot
Temeraire 98 Dismasted; the masts of the French ship “Aigle” fell on her deck and killed many of the crew.
Neptune & Prince 98 Both sunk; and the masts of the first and the rudder of the second have been found on Conil beach.
Queen* 98 Lost her foremast and mizzen; at Gibraltar much Damaged.
Donegal* 80 Dismasted on the Barbary coast.
Canopus* 80 Dismasted and taken alongside the sheer hulk at Gibraltar.
Tigre* 80 Sunk off the coast near Sta Maria.
Tonnant* 80 Burnt by the fleet five or six leagues N.W of Cadiz.
Spencer 74 Came into Gibraltar in tow of a frigate making signals for assistance.
Le Spartiate 74 Sunk after the action, on the coast near Rota.
Defence 74 Without mainmast; at Gibraltar.
Swiftsure 74 Lost her foretopmast; at Gibraltar.
Orion 74 Dismasted, on the coast of Africa
Leviathan 74 Under sail. And lost her maintopmast.
Zealous 74 Hull damaged; at Gibraltar.
Conqueror 74 Under sail.
Revenge 74 At Gibraltar, the second without a topsail yard
Achille 74
Minotaur 74 Ran ashore on the coast off Conill or San Lucar.
Colossus 74 Idem
Mars 74 Under sail
Bellerophon 74 Under sail
Polyphemus 74 Under sail, without a mizen mast.
Esparciata 74 Sunk after the battle off the coast off Rota.
Carnatic 74 Under sail – with jury-masts
The Duke of York# 90 Under sail
Royal Sovereign 100 Lost, with £400,000 sterling, on her way to Malta
Le Leger# 80 Towed by an English frigate
Relampago 74 Under sail, under care of a Swedish ship.
Aquila* 74 Under sail

* Not in Battle

# No such ship in Royal Navy.

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