Captain Moore’s Account of the Action off Cape Santa Maria

Four frigates capturing Spanish treasure ships (5 October 1804) by Francis Sartorius

Captain’s Log
Friday Oct. 5 1804

The page from the Indy’s logbook describing the action

P.M. Light Airs and Calms.

Employed Blacking the [Beams B%] – St. Mary’s NNE 5 Leagues

A.M. Light breezes and Clear. Squadron in Co[mpany]. At 5.30 made all sail in Chase of four Strange sail Squadron in Company – at 8 St. Mary’s NE 8 or 9 Leagues.

Discovered the Ships to be a Spanish Squadron. At 9 they formed the line of Battle – ½ past 9 came within hail Of the Spanish Admiral – fired a shot across his hawse. Advising them hove too – Capt. Moore sent an officer to inform the Spanish That he had orders to detain them – requesting him to consider And strike his colours not wishing to spill any Blood

The Boat not returning fired several shot across her hawser And made the signal for the boat which returned without a Satisfactory Answer. Fired a shot across her hawse which Was returned from the Flag ship – at 10 the action commenced. At 7 m[inutes] after the MercedesBlew up. At 10.17. the Medea Flag ship struck to the Indefatigable. At 10.22 the Clara Struck.

The Fama. made sail away. The Medusa engaging her. Made the Lively signal to Chase and assist the Medusa – took possession of the two ships & enemy as most requisite – Exchanging prisoners &tc. – Lat. Noon 36..28 N St. Mary’s NE ½ N 10 Leagues.

Courtesy of John Bartram.

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