Additions to Master and Commander: Behind the Scenes Gallery

Behind the scenes of Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World
Courtesy of Russell Boyd, ASC, ACS and the ASC Archives

Master and Commander—gee, that was a hard film to make,” cinematographer Russell Boyd acknowledges in his understated way. “There is no easy film, of course, but both Master and The Way Back were very demanding physically—The Way Back because of all the snow we were working in, and Master because of the water, even though a lot of it was shot in the tank in Mexico that had been built for Titanic. In a lot of ways, though, those are two of my proudest films. Peter Weir once said to me—and I’ll never forget it—he said, ‘Come on and do a film of mine, and I’ll take you on an adventure.’ And he does!” —Russell Boyd: Vision Accomplished


Images courtesy of Cinephilia & Beyond, Russell Boyd, ASC, ACS and the ASC Archives.

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