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The Fortune of War Radio Play

06. The Fortune of War

*SPOILERS* The year is 1812, and Britain is at war with America and France. When Captain Jack Aubrey and Dr Stephen Maturin are forced to abandon ship in the South Atlantic they are picked up […]


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This Day In Naval History

  • 1772 HMS Gaspee schooner, Lt. William Dudingston, burned at Namquid Point, Narragansett Bay by American colonists from Providence, Rhode Island.
  • 1795 HMS Mosquito captures a privateer.
  • 1796 HMS Southampton (32), Cptn. James Macnamara, cuts out French corvette Utile (24) from Hyeres Bay.
  • 1799 Boats of HMS Success (32), Cptn. Shuldham Peard, cut out Belle Aurore.
  • 1801 HMS Kangaroo (16), George Christopher Pulling, and HMS Speedy (14), Lord Thomas Cochrane, destroy gunboats and take 3 brigs from under the battery of Oropeso.
  • 1801 HMS Meleager (32), Cptn. Thomas Bladen Capel, wrecked on the Triangles, Gulf of Mexico.
  • 1808 21 Danish gunboats and 12 mortar shallops, under Cmdr Johan C. Krieger, engage a British escorted convoy in the southern part of the Sound. HMS Turbulent (12) and 11 merchant ships are captured. Read More...