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Career and Conservation of HMS Victory

The History

The history of the HMS Victory comprises five main phases: Phase 1 Construction and pre-service 1759–1777 Phase 2 Service Career 1778–1812; Phase 3 Service Afloat 1812–1921; Phase 4a Reconstruction 1922–1965; and Phase 4b Reconstruction 1966–2013 […]


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Mustering the Company

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An Introduction to Naval Terms

Patrick O’Brian is a master of naval jargon, and such mastery can at times be overwhelming. This glossary is by no means exhaustive (hence “introduction”) but should help you gain your sea-legs for your voyage!

This Day In Naval History

1803 HMS Minerve (38), Cptn. Jahleel Brenton, grounded in a thick fog on the western point of the Corries of Cherbourg and captured.
1813 HMS Dædalus (38), Cptn. Murray Maxwell, grounded off Island of Ceylon and sinks after being refloated.
1816 French frigate La Méduse, Cptn. Duroy de Chaumereys, wrecked on the Bank of Arguin, off the coast of Senegal.