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The Fortune of War Radio Play

06. The Fortune of War

*SPOILERS* The year is 1812, and Britain is at war with America and France. When Captain Jack Aubrey and Dr Stephen Maturin are forced to abandon ship in the South Atlantic they are picked up […]


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Mustering the Company

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1800 Boats of Rear Ad. Sir John B. Warrens's squadron, HMS Renown (74) Cptn. Eyles, HMS Fisgard (44), Cptn. T. Byam Martin, HMS Defence (74), Cptn. Lord H. Paulet, and HMS Unicorn (32), Cptn. Wilkinson, cut out gunboat Nochette (2) two armed chasse-maree and eight other vessels at St. Croix within the Penmarks. Twenty other vessels are run on to the rocks.
1808 Boats of HMS Euryalus (36), Cptn. George Heneage Dundas, and HMS Cruizer (18), George Charles M'Kenzie, burn two large troop transports and capture a gun-vessel (2) off the Naskon.