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Career and Conservation of HMS Victory

The History

The history of the HMS Victory comprises five main phases: Phase 1 Construction and pre-service 1759–1777 Phase 2 Service Career 1778–1812; Phase 3 Service Afloat 1812–1921; Phase 4a Reconstruction 1922–1965; and Phase 4b Reconstruction 1966–2013 […]


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Mustering the Company

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The Execution of Admiral Byng

“Any court-martial is a perilous thing, whether you are in the right or the wrong – justice has nothing much to do with it. Remember poor Vincent of the Weymouth: remember Byng – shot for an […]

This Day In Naval History

1588 Fireship attack on Spanish Armada.
1794 HMS Rose (28) wrecked on Rocky-Point, Jamaica.
1801 Boats of HMS Mercury (28), Cptn. T Rogers, and HMS Corso (14), William Ricketts, captures pirate vessel Tigre (8) among the rocks of the Tremite Islands in the Adriatic.
1803 HMS Goliath (74), Capt. C. Brisbane, captures Mignonne (16), Cptn. J. P. Bargeaud, and HMS Hercule (74) engages Poursuivante (40) off San Domingo.
1810 Boats of HMS Amphion (32), Cptn. William Hoste, and HMS Cerberus (32), Cptn Henry Whitby, and HMS ACTIVE (38), Cptn. James Alexander Gordon, take two forts and cut out 25 vessels from the harbour at Grao.
1811 HMS Firm Brig (12), Lt. John Little, grounded on a bank off the coast of France and set on fire to avoid capture.
1814 USS Wasp (22), Cptn. Johnston Blakely, captures HMS Reindeer (18), William Manners (Killed in Action), in the Atlantic.
1814 HMS Leopard (50), wrecked near the Island of Anticosti, Gulf of St. Lawrence. Jack and Stephen are less than pleased.