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The Fortune of War Radio Play

06. The Fortune of War

*SPOILERS* The year is 1812, and Britain is at war with America and France. When Captain Jack Aubrey and Dr Stephen Maturin are forced to abandon ship in the South Atlantic they are picked up […]


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  • 1798 HMS Aurora (28), Capt. Henry Digby, engaged off Adeira.
  • 1807 Turkish fleet of 9 ships of the line, supported by 5 frigates and 5 small craft under Kapudan Pasha Seyit-Ali intercepted between Lemnos Island and Mount Athos by Russian fleet under Dmitry Senyavin of 10 ships of the line. Raphael (80), Cptn. Dmitry Lukin (Killed in Action), damages Messudie (120), Seyit-Ali, and breaks through the enemy's defence line also damaging Sed-ul-Bahr (84), Admiral Bekirbey, and 2 frigates before escaping. Tverdy (74), Admiral Senyavin, forces the leading Turkish ship to withdraw and, the Turkish line being broken, Seyit-Ali takes flight. The fastest Russian vessels pursue. Selaphail (74), Cdr. Rozhnov, took Seid-ul-Bahr (84) and other ships cut off Besharet-Nyuma, as well as a frigate and a corvette which are set ablaze. Seyit-Ali is also forced to burn the lagging Tausu-Bahri (84) and a frigate in order to gain enough time to escape into the Dardanelles with his remaining vessels.
  • 1808 The Danish brig Lougen, Lt. Peter F. Wulff, and 4 gunboats under Sub Lt. Fønss captures the British brig HMS Seagull (16), R. Cathcart, off Flekkerø in Norway. Read More...
  • 1809 Boats of HMS Bellerophon (74), Cptn. Samuel Warren, carry Russian batteries at Hango.
  • 1812 Boats of HMS Briseis (10), Cptn. John Ross, recaptures British merchant Urania from Pillau roads in the Baltic.