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Career and Conservation of HMS Victory

The History

The history of the HMS Victory comprises five main phases: Phase 1 Construction and pre-service 1759–1777 Phase 2 Service Career 1778–1812; Phase 3 Service Afloat 1812–1921; Phase 4a Reconstruction 1922–1965; and Phase 4b Reconstruction 1966–2013 […]


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This Day In Naval History

1778 HMS Foudroyant (80), Cptn. John Jervis, HMS Courageaux (74) and HMS Robust (74) capture French frigate Pallas (32).
1793 HMS Nymphe (36), Cptn. Edward Pellew, captures Cleopatra (40), Cptn. Jean Mullon (Killed in Action).
1809 HMS Sealark (4) lost at sea on the East coast of UK.
1812 US declares war on Great Britain for impressment of sailors and interference with commerce. Read More...
1814 The sloop of war Wasp, commanded by Johnston Blakely, captures and scuttles the British merchant brig Pallas in the eastern Atlantic.